heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions or shin splints?
You need a foot doctor

Diagnoses and solutions for all foot, ankle and leg conditions.
We can help you with:
Heel Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Heel pain

Aching Feet—Podiatrists in NT

Aching feet

Shin Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Shin pain

Ankle Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Ankle pain

Plantar Warts—Podiatrists in NT

Plantar warts

Ingrown—Podiatrists in NT

Ingrown & fungal nails

Bunions—Podiatrists in NT


Podiatrist Working on Foot — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT

Calluses and corns

Children Foot Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Children's growing pains

Walking Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Walking & running problems

Sports Injuries—Podiatrists in NT

Sporting injuries

Hip Pain—Podiatrists in NT

Hip, thigh & knee pain

In turned & out turned feet Baby Feet — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT



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Alice Springs Podiatry considers your body’s entire posture when we talk about your feet. When your feet are out of alignment it forces other joints in your body out of alignment. A change to the normal walking pattern can lead to stress and strain in other areas of the body.
Running—Podiatrists in NT

Running & Walking Analysis

We use state-of-the-art computerised technology to analyse your style of walking and running.

Orhtotics—Podiatrists in NT

Custom Orthotics

3D computerised laser scanning is used to design customised orthotics to find the perfect fit for your foot.

Diabetic Foot—Podiatrists in NT

Diabetic Foot Care

We recommend diabetics have an annual assessment to help eliminate common foot issues associated with the disease. We specialise in sports injuries, diabetes care and chronic pain sufferers.

Child Foot—Podiatrists in NT

Children’s Podiatry

Many foot, ankle and leg problems adults endure occur during the formative years of childhood. Early treatment prevents issues later in life.

Foot Nails—Podiatrists in NT

Nail Care

Painful ingrown toenails or misshapen and discoloured nails? Laser treatment and 100% safe nail surgery is available.

High Cut Shoes—Podiatrists in NT

work cover module

We provide assessments and rehabilitation programs for work-related lower limb injuries, working closely with you, your employer and WorkCover.