Podiatry Products

Podiatry Products

Our wide range of high quality footwear and foot health accessories is designed for support and to provide pain relief for those with foot, ankle and leg injuries and conditions. We have carefully sourced our products for the specialised features and benefits they offer our clients. Visit our Alice Springs clinic to view our full range.


Orthaheel Footwear and Insoles
Repositions the foot and provides support and cushioning.

Slippers—Podiatrists in NT

Dr. Comfort Footwear
Shoes and accessories specifically manufactured for diabetics.

Leather Shoes—Podiatrists in NT

Revere Footwear
Designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support many foot types.

Revere Logo

Orthotic Thongs
We offer the full range of Dr. Comfort & Orthaheel orthotic thongs for men and women.

Slippers—Podiatrists in NT

Orthotic Sandals
We offer the full Australian range of Orthaheel Orthotic Sandals for men and women.

Black Sandals—Podiatrists in NT

Air Cast Walkers (Moon Boots) 

Designed to immobilise the foot while promoting healing.

Shear Comfort Pressure Boot
The Shear Comfort Boots have been designed for those with increased swelling or those at risk of foot ulcers.


Pre-Fabricated Orthoses
These are pre-made ‘off the shelf’ orthoses, which provide rear foot stability, cushioning and arch support.

Pre-Fabricated Orthoses

FRANKIE4 footwear
Fashion shoes redesigned and created for the woman-on-the-go who wants the support of orthotics without looking likes she’s wearing them.

Shoes Cover—Podiatrists in NT

Anodyne footwear
Built for comfort and thoughtfully designed for diabetics no matter where you go!

Rubber Shoes—Podiatrists in NT

Vionic footwear
Stylish footwear with orthotics inserts for those who want comfort without sacrificing on looks.

White Shoes—Podiatrists in NT

Ointments, Gels & Creams

Anti-fungal Creams (Canesten)
Offers relief while getting rid of fungal conditions.

Duofilm Wart Ointment
A quick and effective wart treatment.

FisioCrem Solugel
Temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. Easy-to-use and the natural active ingredients make it suitable for everyone—athletes, elderly, and children. Suitable for the aches and pains of everyday life.

Antiperspirant for Feet
This cream is indicated for excessive foot perspiration and unpleasant foot odours. Prevents mycosis, and microbial infections.

Flexall Gel
Provides relief for sore muscles and joints.

Walkers PediCreme
Ideal daily foot crème for the maintenance of skin integrity and the prevention of dryness and cracking.

Moisturising gel booties soften
Moisturising gel booties soften dry, cracked and calloused skin. Washable and re-usable.

Socks & Compression

Strassburg Socks
Offer pain relief for achilles and heel pain.

Sock Applicators
Terry cloth sock aid to assist with putting on your socks.

Compression Stockings
Compression hosiery can help reduce symptoms related to vein issues, such as aching, heaviness and swelling.

FS4 Socks for Plantar Fasciitis
The FS4 Compression Foot Sleeve uses Patent Pending Compression Zones to relieve Plantar Fascia pain and other foot pain relief.

Bamboo Socks
Real natural fibre socks! Soft to touch, cool in the heat, warm in the cold, highly absorbant and naturally antibacterial. Stinky feet no more!

Braces and Splints

Bunion Splints
The bunion splint is a hinged brace, which corrects the abnormal position of the big toe caused by bunion deformities.

Night Splints
Designed to stop the plantar fascia tendon and Achilles ligament from tightening up at night.

Ankle braces Designed to stop the plantar fascia tendon and Achilles ligament from tightening up at night.


Heel Lifts
The Adjust-a-Lift is made of three 3mm layers of neoprene rubber and a layer of leather on top. Each layer can be removed to get approximately the right lift height when placed in the shoe.

Metatarsal Pads
Soft metatarsal pads with adhesive backing for attaching to orthotics or shoe insoles. Improves foot function & provides cushioning.

Gel Toe Separators
For straightening and aligning toes and relieving pressure from bunions. Vitamin enriched gel cushions and protects the skin.

Gel Heel Cups
Designed to absorb heel strike and shock, Silicone Gel Heel Cups are made of a skin-like medical grade silicone.

Gel Button for Bunions
Three-dimensional super soft gel guards that provide immediate cushion and comfort.

Gel Bunion Sleeve
Flexible foot pad that provides protection for bunions by absorbing shock and shear forces.

Corn Pads (Material Covering)
Traditional product for protecting toes or fingers.

Diabetic Insoles
Long lasting insoles incorporating a Plastazote top cover, PU cushioning and high quality EVA base.

Foot File
Colourful plastic foot files with replaceable abrasive. Can be used professionally in clinic or as a product for the patient to take away.

Ankle Support & Compression Products
The Malolax Elastic Ankle Support provides compression following acute and chronic ankle injury and mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis.

Gel Healing Socks for Cracked Heels
Moisturising gel contains a blend of Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Olive Oil to soften and condition dry, cracked and callused skin on the heels.

Physical Therapy

Stretching Bands
Stretching bands are ideal for stretching and strengthening exercises.

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