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Chelsea — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT
Principal Podiatrist
Chelsea-Lee Petrick

Born and raised in Alice Springs, Chelsea-Lee Petrick (Owner and principal podiatrist at Alice Springs Podiatry) moved to Adelaide in 2006 to study. She graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry from the University of South Australia in 2010. In 2013 she opened Alice Springs Podiatry, following her passion to provide treatment for all types of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions.

Chelsea has experience working in hospitals, community centres and private practices. While living in Adelaide, she spent 3 years consulting in a private practice with foot and ankle surgeon, Angelo Salerno. She has completed extensive training in orthotic therapy for the prescription of custom foot and ankle-foot orthoses. Consulting alongside foot and ankle surgeons has further enhanced her knowledge of foot surgery and the rehabilitation of post-surgical cases.

Chelsea has a special interest in the care of paediatric conditions and treatment of sports injuries. She is qualified to use acupuncture and dry needling in the treatment of podiatric conditions, as well as foot manipulation and mobilisation.

Chelsea continues to develop her knowledge in all aspects of podiatry. She has completed a Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences at the University of South Australia and attends state podiatry conferences each year. She undertook further studies at La Trobe University in order to gain endorsement for scheduled medicines.

With a keen interest in exploring every available option for treatments, Chelsea is dedicated to finding an individual solution to help you. She will work with you and other health professionals involved in your care to achieve the best outcomes. Her key interests are sports injuries, general foot care, heel pain, diabetes, nail surgery and paediatric conditions. Chelsea is currently registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Australian Podiatry Association and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

Rebecca Matthews

With over 15 years’ experience as a clinical podiatrist, Rebecca has worked in a wide range of clinical settings including private practices, Aboriginal medical services, remote outreach, community health and major metropolitan hospitals in Australia, the UK and West Africa.

Rebecca has a keen interest and wealth of knowledge in all areas of clinical podiatry. Rebecca is committed to working closely with you to achieve optimal foot and lower limb health. With a passion for the high-risk foot conditions, Rebecca has honed her skills as a wound care consultant, specialising in assessment, education and management of high-risk and diabetic feet.

Rebecca is thrilled to be part of the team at Alice Springs Podiatry and looks forward to working with you as part of a dedicated health care team.

Rebecca—Podiatrists in NT
Lauren — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT

Lauren Yan

Lauren joined our administration team at the Alice Springs Podiatry in April 2018. Born and raised in Alice Springs, she enjoys various activities including horse riding and hiking. With the activities she does, Lauren understands how important our feet really are. Her friendly and bubbly personality means she loves having a chat with our patients and helping you out with anything you may need.

Sofie Cornell

Sofie is our longest serving administration person. She has extensive experience working in administration fields and is very passionate about her work.  Footwear fitting is one of her specialties – and she just loves our Frankie 4 shoes! Sofie will always do her best to book you an appointment ASAP. She has excels in patient correspondence and will always follow up with any enquires you have.

Sofie Cornell — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT
Jayson Manzin — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT

Jayson Manzin

Jayson is a passionate Podiatrist who has a keen interest in all facets of Podiatry including sports injuries, diabetes education and management, general nail and skin care, footwear, orthotics and nail surgery.

Jayson has relocated from Queensland’s Gold Coast as he feels he can make a real difference and bring new services and experience to Central Australia.

He has extensive knowledge in running shoes and footwear from years of experience working at The Athlete’s Foot. This has inspired Jayson to commence a Pedorthics degree (custom shoe making and modifications) and is keen to bring this service to the communities of Central Australia in the future.

Jayson has worked in Rockhampton Base Hospital and several private podiatry clinics on the Gold Coast as well as community work involving the homeless.

Continual professional development is highly regarded by Jayson. He attends several conferences as well as workshops and seminars throughout the year to provide the best podiatric care for his clients. These skills include Nail bracing, Positive Pressure Pump, Shockwave treatment and Electrotherapy,

Jayson enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that Alice Springs offers and loves all sports. He is keen to join several teams in Alice Springs and is a keen hiker and mountain bike rider. One of Jayson’s goals is to complete the world-famous Larapinta trail walk.

Jayson is excited to bring his passion and skills to Alice Springs podiatry and looks forward to being part of a dedicated podiatry team that can make a difference to daily lives.

Jayson is currently registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Australian Podiatry association, Australian Pedorthic Association, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), Australian Prescriber.

Chealcee Taylor Fitz

Chealcee joined our administration team in early 2019.  Chealcee is loving this field of work! Chealcee is currently completing year 12 at St Philips College. She wishes to go to university next year to complete either a bachelor of health science or exercise and sport, where then wishes to complete a degree in Physiotherapy. Chealcee plays a wide range of sports, from touch football, to AFL and netball, which why Chealcee knows how important her feet are in order to have successful performance.

Chealcee Taylor-Fitz — Podiatrists in Alice Springs, NT
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